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In-Kind Donations

Habana Works gratefully accepts select in-kind donations whenever possible. Our upcoming USBK rainwater collection project in July will require many materials in order to build a working system! Luckily we already have most tools we’ll need, so right now our wish list includes:

Materials for Gutters:

  • *Gutter lengths;
  • *Leaders and bends;
  • *Pre-fabricated gutter hangers;
  • *Plumbing strap (to secure pipes);
  • *Flexible, accordion style expandable plastic pipe;
  • *Tube of gutter sealant and caulk gun to apply it;
  • *PVC cleaner and cement;
  • *Teflon tape.

Materials for Barrel Storage System:

  • *Platform material such as treated lumber, plastic lumber, or concrete blocks;
  • *Tanks and PVC parts;
  • *Window screen or screened vents for mosquito proof vent;
  • *Bulk head fittings;
  • *Eyebolts (to secure tank);
  • *Spigot;
  • *Metal flanges of corresponding size to spigot and hardware;
  • *Rope or cabling supplies to secure the tank.

Got some of these things lying around your house from your last project? Give them a new home with our USBK team by calling us at (718) 858-9545, or emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

We wouldn't be able to complete our projects without the help and support of the community and friends like you!