August 24, 2011 | Garden Works

Vote for Habana as America’s Best Restroom!

Habana Outpost's bathroom is up for America's Best Restroom! And we want YOU to vote (for us of course!).

Not only is this an exciting turn of events for the restaurant itself, but also a moment in the spotlight for Urban Studio Brooklyn's 2007 project, the rainwater collection system that famously flushes Habana's toilets.  We've had a great amount of press following the competition, including this New York Times article, blog coverage in the LA Times, The L Magazine and many more. 

For anyone that hasn't been there, the Habana restrooms feature a glass roof over-head with hanging plants and the galvanized walls. The water used to flush is collected through a series of rain gutters and stored in a holding tank where it is filtered and then redirected to the toilets, saving thousands of gallons of water every week! Our look may be low-key when you compare it to the competition, but each material (the galvanized metal, the wooly pockets, etc.) were all chosen to make the space as simple, sustainable and lush as possible. 

After recently winning first place in the Greenest Storefront category of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Greenest Storefront competition, we'd like to  think we have a pretty good shot!  

Vote for us today!