June 28, 2012 |

Let The Ladybug’s Fly

Ladybugs are such an important part of the enviornment. They make sure that we have fruits and vegatables to eat because they eat Aphids. Aphids are insects that eat crops. Without ladybugs the aphids would destroy the crops and we would not have any fruits and vegatables to eat.

At Habana Works, we work hard to teach children about the importance of our enviornment. We had a blast learning cool fun facts about ladybugs. We wanted to keep all the ladybugs to ourselves but we knew we could not. The ladybugs needed to get to their important job of eating aphids. It was hard, but we said goodbye to our ladybug friends and released them into the enviornment.

Check out these cool pics of the Habana Works and our Ladybug friends at the 2012 ladybug release. http://www.flickr.com/photos/62989775@N05/sets/72157630003606565/