August 9, 2011 | Update!USBK

Indoor Classrooms are Overrated

We're much happier with the outdoor variety. 

For anyone that's just joining us now, Habana Works has been working on the rather large project of installing a garden and outdoor classroom for two schools housed in a building in Bed Stuy -Leadership Prep and ABCD.  The project has been moving along swimmingly and we've been having a great time doing it! Last week officially concluded our annual Urban Studio Brooklyn program, and we can honestly say that it was a pleasure from start to finish - we're proud to finally share the finished product!

We're excited to report that we'll be moving along to the next phase of our project at Leadership Prep this week.  The bench is stained and beautiful, and the rainwater collection system is collecting lots of rain!  So our next move is to start building our planters and prepping the space for its final transformation.   

These are some photos of the end of our process and the fruits of their labor. Check back soon for updates on our garden installation and find out how you can volunteer with one of our planting days next week.