August 26, 2011 | EventGarden Works

Garden Project Sneak Peek

After assembling our planters, trucking in tons of soil and gravel and ordering our plant selections from an organic nursury in Long Island, we can finally see all of the pieces coming together! 

We spent yesterday putting in all of the perennial plants - meaning all of the plants that will return from  year to year - and we're looking forward to adding in a few beautiful annuals for extra pop.  Because it's late in the season, some of the plants won't hit their full stride until next spring, but the schools will have some beautiful things to look forward to!  We've planted some modest looking ferns that we expect to grow seven-fold by next year, some climbing vines and flowers, strawberry bushes that should spread like a wild fire and an edible bed that should produce some gorgeous cucumbers, peas, lettus, rhubarb, swiss chard and more.  Our herb planter will grow spear mint, chives, rosemary, echinacea, lemon balm and some other fragrant additions. 

We even had our first visit from two beautiful monarch butterflies and some honeybees today -  mostly hovering around the milkweed and black eyed susans.  We're looking forward to seeing them more often, and teaching the kids about our flower-polinating little friends. 

The garden is about 85% there - by next week it should be all done (with an official unveiling event to follow in upcoming weeks - details TBA)... now let's just hope the hurricane doesn't undo all of our hard work!