September 12, 2011 | Update!

Finally - The Garden is Complete!

Last Friday was a very exciting day over here at Habana.  After months of work, we were finally able to hand the garden we've been installing in Bed Stuy over to the students at Leadership Prep and ABCD!

We had the opportunity to spend the morning with some amazing 5th graders as they made observations about the plants for a science class, and took tours of the space.  Upstairs, other groups were learning to cook simple meals with ingredients that they can find in the edible planter, such as rhubarb, lettuce, pea sprouts, kale and more.  

The students had some great questions for Erik, our resident expert on urban flora, and especially seemed to love the monarch caterpillars which are now living in our milkweed.  Another hit was the "touch and sniff" planter, which has fuzzy, furry, funny shaped plants, as well as delicious smelling herbs for the kids to explore with their senses.  

Again, we wanted to thank all of the individuals and organizations that contributed to this project - either through donations or by contributing their time - we couldn't have done it without you.