Our Values

Our Values

Urban environmentalism

Habana Works promotes environmentalism while also celebrating city living. We embrace the benefits of doing our work in one of the most culturally diverse, spirited and industrious cities in the world, and take advantage of the many  opportunities that New York presents. 

Love Brooklyn like it loves you

Habana Works believes that understanding and interacting with the environment is essential to maintaining a connected and flourishing community, and vice versa.

Little changes, big impact

Whether switching to fluorescent lighting or teaching a child that an old plastic bottle can be a bird feeder, Habana Works believes that everyone can contribute to the preservation of the environment’s beauty and benefits, which impacts all of us.


Lasting progress in environmentalism will take innovation in design and a true sense of imagination.  Habana Works supports the inspired projects that are greening New York City on their own terms, outside of the box. 


Environmental awareness doesn’t need to be hard work. Habana Works is committed to helping the Brooklyn community integrate sustainable practices into everyday life in the ways each person finds most fun, inspiring and natural for their lifestyle.